Here I am

When I was in labour with my first child, I was nearly drowned by the pain. I remember the image of being in a fish tank, nearly full of water, but not quite. I was fully submerged in the water of pain, except for my lips, which remained above the surface, enabling me to keep breathing, through what turned out to be 46 long hours of labour.

My lips are still out of the water. Or maybe that’s just me being dramatic.

In any event, I’m still breathing, still here, even if here isn’t quite the place it was before. I’m here in a new blog location, one that I hope will better facilitate conversation, one that has better scenery. (Do you like the toad above? We found him in a gravel parking lot the night we stayed in a caboose in the Finger Lakes.)

I’m kind of glad to see the end of 2012. No Mayan apocalypse, but the year was characterized by what I’m thinking of as growing pains, as well as joy. There were things and people that nearly silenced my voice in this kind of forum. It’s taken some thinking to decide to keep writing in this public kind of way. It’s taken setting some new boundaries and letting go of others. In any event, I’m glad to be back writing this blog — there are things I’ve been looking forward to sharing with you.

Happy new year!


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