What’s your book about?

What is your book about?
Seeker of Stars is in simplest terms a memoir of one of the magi of the original Christmas story. It imagines what kind of person would leave family and country to go off in pursuit of a star, and finds out what happens to him along the way. 

Who should read this book?
Although the subject of this book is essentially religious and Christian, it is not exclusively for people of those persuasions. People of widely different backgrounds have appreciated this book because it is about a real person on a journey who needs to figure out some important questions in his life – about his desires and dreams in his relationships and vocation. Book clubs, Bible study groups, school classes.

At one point, one of the characters says, “There was nothing religious about this. It was holy and true.” That’s what I think happens in this book. Some people have described this book as gentle and kind. Others have said there is a sense of providence hovering over the story – that we learn how God acts in unexpected ways in people’s lives. It is a book that is ultimately hopeful, but not in a cheap way. A friend once said to me that she didn’t want her children to grow up to be religious. I asked my kids about this, whether they thought it was a good idea to grow up to be religious. My oldest son who was eight at the time tried to explain his thoughts. He agreed with my friend – saying religious people are the people who get all bent out of shape by people swearing at school, and they tell them how wrong it is. He said religious people spend all their time hugging God, but he thought we should instead hold hands with God, walk along with God, and be part of the world. I loved this and I think that’s what this book does. Yes, God acts in this book in the kind of ways I have experienced God acting in the real world, but not in a huggy-kissy, offended at swearing, hiding behind him, religious people are good and other people are bad kind of way. I like to think it’s a good story.


2 thoughts on “What’s your book about?

  1. Well, I would agree with you, Susan. It has a religious context, but the book seemed to me to be about the search for truth and belonging – exploring aspects of Christianity, but going beyond that into fundamental ideas of humankind. I forgot that it was a ‘religious book’ and simply appreciated as a good story.

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