Countdown is On

This Sunday — November 10 — Seeker of Stars will be released by David C Cook ( ). On Monday and Tuesday, the book will be available for FREE download. You will also be able to order print copies of the book through this site.

Here’s what some nice people have said about Seeker of Stars:

“With a design as durable as a Persian rug and equally as intricate, Susan Fish has woven a profound and tender story that is both contemporary and as ancient as the stars. Very moving, beautifully told.  There are threads of mystery and yet we know the outcome; it’s a journey story yet we are at home.  This is a tale that will be told again and again and each time, when the star seeker reaches, we’ll reach too and be forever changed. ‘Destined to become a classic’ is an overused phrase but I think it’s true here. ”  
Jane Kirkpatrick, Award-winning author

“Fascinating, timely and challenging. We need such a work at such a time.”
Michael Coren, Radio/Television Broadcaster, Author

“I really liked this book. It made me laugh and cry–and think. Susan Fish has a clear and winsome voice, and she tells her story in a way that is fresh as sunrise, fluid as quicksilver, and evocative as an old tapestry. She sketches scenes and characters with a deft touch, never wasting words,always leaving space for the reader’s imagination. And the ending is pure gold. As a result, I know that the impression made by Seeker of Stars is going to stay with me for a long time
John Bowen, author

“Susan Fish invites us into a beautiful and well-told fictional story -which leads us into the greatest and truest story of all.”
Brian McLaren, Author

Please do let your friends know about this book and especially about next week’s special free promotion. Thanks!


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