Are you in a book club?

I am presuming that most book clubs have their December book already chosen but if your book club hasn’t picked a title for January, might I suggest Seeker of Stars.

Here are ten reasons I suggest it:

1. I wrote it and I’m biased.
2. It’s not a terribly long book so people who read it during a busy season will not be bogged down with a doorstop of a tome.
3. It’s seasonal without ending at Christmas. In fact, tradition says the wise men arrived in Bethlehem on the twelfth day of Christmas, which is January 6.
4. I have Book Club Questions available for your club, to get you started. (See below)
5. I am willing to Skype into your book club to talk about the book, free of charge. Message me if you are interested in this.
6. You can either buy a paper copy of the book or download it and be reading it within minutes.
7. Did I mention I’m biased?
8. People are saying nice things about the book. People I don’t even know. “Destined to become a classic,” “a Christmas Must!”  ” It’s what we dream of our whole lives, without even realizing it.”
9. You could win a free copy in our GoodReads contest that opens today and closes on Monday, thus saving money at Christmas.
10. It’s a story that appeals to men and women of all ages.


Here are the book club questions for you:

Seeker of Stars has been called a “memoir of one of the magi.” How would you describe this book, its main character and what you take away from reading the novel?

Dreams play an important role in Seeker of Stars.

–          How are dreams understood in Seeker of Stars?

–          How do we interpret dreams today? Do you think God speaking to people in dreams?

–          What is the relationship between dreams we call wishes and sleeping dreams?

Melchior’s journey to Bethlehem is an opportunity for him to explore his relationships.

–     Friendship plays an important role in Melchior’s life. What are the effects of Melchior’s various friendships?

–     Melchior “printed” Balzar as a role model for fatherhood, and talked about his wedding night imprinting a pattern for his marriage. How does he move beyond old, broken patterns of relating to freshness and intimacy?

–          What irritated you most about Melchior’s relationships? What inspired you?

–          If you were to write a letter to someone to “allow all to be revealed and received”, who would you write to and what would you say?


In Seeker of Stars, how does providence override fate?

Vocation has been defined as the place where our passion meets the world’s great need

–          In what ways is vocation determined ? In what ways can we choose?

–          How does Melchior respond to a sense of vocation? What impairs him? What makes him believe in his passion against all odds?

 Melchior’s accident renders his hand useless for many years – until he is healed.

–          Melchior does not ask to be healed and yet his hand is restored. What is the relationship between desire and healing? What is healing in this novel? What role does willingness play? What role may faith play?

How did the book enhance your view of the magi and the original Christmas story?

In what ways did you imagine the magi differently? What do you imagine might happen next for Melchior?


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