Seeker of Stars – Study Questions

Not everyone who reads Seeker of Stars will be a person of faith, but for those who are or those who are interested in learning more about what the Bible has to say about ideas connected to the book, I’ve written six sessions of questions and material for discussion or reflection.

The studies are set up to deal with themes rather than specific chapters, and include as themes Dreams, Relationships, Providence, Vocation, Healing, and Christmas. They can be used by a small group Bible study, an adult Sunday School class, a personal reflection time or even a discussion group among people of various beliefs. The one requirement is that participants have read the entire book before the study series begins.

While the study could take place leading up to Christmas, it would also be meaningful after Christmas. You will notice there are no answers offered. The questions are designed to make people think and engage with God, rather than to get the right answer.

I’ve included the Christmas study questions below. If you’re interested in me sending you all six studies, please send me a message on my Facebook page, which is and I’ll be happy to email them to you.


“An incredible story poured forth, which made ours sound commonplace. Angel visitations, virgin fullness, joy and sorrow, dreams and resolutions, promise, panic and pain – a child – squalor and shepherds, glory and – God.” Seeker of Stars

Bible: Matthew 2; Genesis 28:10-22; Genesis 32:22-32, Exodus 3:1-6

Discussion Questions

–     Read the biblical account of the magi and compare with Seeker of Stars:

–          Are there discrepancies?

–          How did the book enhance your view of the magi and the original Christmas story?

–          In what ways did you imagine the magi differently?

–          What do you imagine might happen next for Melchior? What are the effects of an unexpected, life-changing encounter with God? Look at Jacob’s encounters with God in Genesis 28:10-22 and 32:22-32, as well as Moses’ first encounter with God in Exodus 3:1-6. What role does fear play?


Group Activity: Ask participants: If, like Melchior, you were to tell your story – what would you say has been the “deepest desire of your heart”? What have been the painful places?  How have you encountered God in your desires and pain? Have participants partner up to share their “stories.” Invite them to share their stories with God and thank God for His presence in their lives.



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