Wednesday Night Soup: Corn Chowder

Like many of you, we made turkey soup this week, using the leftovers and bones of our Thanksgiving supper.  As I’ve mentioned here before, my grandmother died this summer. Thanksgiving was the first holiday we celebrated without her. We actually had a lovely day, filled with kindness, laughter, sunshine and turkey–but several of us reported a gnawing anxiety afterwards, a sense that something just wasn’t right.

In the Corn Chowder chapter of Ithaca, Daisy, too, is “constricted by sorrow” and struggling with grief, finding her way in a new world without her husband. And that’s what soup does, too. It reconstitutes ingredients into something new, transforms them into something that nourishes and heals.

Soup doesn’t need bones to do that either. Here’s a recipe for Daisy’s Corn Chowder. Enjoy it now before all the corn is harvested.

Melt 2 Tbsp butter and 2 Tbsp olive oil and add one onion, diced and sauté until softened. Add ½ tsp of thyme (or a good sprig of fresh thyme) and ¼ cup of flour. Stir in 5 cups of vegetable stock, 2 diced potatoes and 3 cups of corn (approximately 2-3 ears of corn). Bring almost to a boil, then reduce heat and cook until the potato is soft. You can blend the soup with a hand blender if you like, or blend it a bit. Add ¾ cup cream and salt and pepper to taste.


Speaking of soup, we will be serving soup at Saturday’s book launch at the Waterloo Public Library (2-4 pm and you are invited). I’m quite settled on two of the three soups but I’d love your input into soup #3. We will be serving Carrot-Lentil Soup with Lime and Cumin and Three Sisters Soup for sure. Should the third soup be Tomato-Basil Bisque, Corn Chowder or White Bean and Tarragon? We’re cooking tomorrow so let me know today!


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