Fracking Friday: Stop Fracking Ontario

One of the best things about the environmental movement is the sense of community among partners. In Ithaca, an anti-fracking rally is described like this:

There were signs and there was chanting but this was Ithaca and so there was music and laughing and there was coffee, stores offering us use of their restrooms. There were people I hadn’t seen since Arthur died, and there were hugs. The crowd was mostly young but there were people older than me there too–there were dozens of strollers but there was an occasional wheelchair too. I walked near the center of the crowd, with Lee at first, and we were joined by her ESL student Weng who linked her arm with Lee’s. And then I was stopped by the tattooed man from my class and I waved Lee and Weng on ahead of me. I began to see that there were a number of people from Wednesday night in the crowd. I felt tears prickle in my eyes at the idea of it. I found myself introducing people and there were handshakes, juggling of signs and banners. We walked through the Commons together and we filled the space as music fills a space, simply with its presence. I found myself smiling. I loved this place. No one had asked my age or laughed at me for being older. If anything, I felt like people were delighted to have older people among them; we were ahead of the curve, giving credibility and depth and wisdom to what they were doing and saying.

I participated in the local Climate Change rally on September 21 and there I met Dylan Siebert of Transition KW who kindly came to last week’s launch and talked about fracking and prepared handouts. The handouts were, in turn, partly based on work done by a group called Stop Fracking Ontario.

Stop Fracking Ontario has put together a helpful slide show about fracking in this area. You might find the maps in it particularly interesting, if you’re wondering whether this is an issue in your own area.

Here it is:

Let me know what you think.


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