Fracking Friday: Stop Being Paralyzed Into Inaction

This summer, with Ithaca coming out, I decided to say yes to a telemarketer. The cheerful telephone voice was calling from Bullfrog Power, Canada’s leading provider of renewable energy. I couldn’t write a book decrying the use of fossil fuels without taking some measures to say yes to greener energy.

A few weeks later, “The Bullfrog Buzz” arrived in my mailbox, and I glanced through it. What caught my eye was an interview with “Cleantech Investor, Advisor, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur” Tom Rand about why we become paralyzed into inactivity when it comes to the environment, and what we can do.

In the interview, Rand says, “More threatening than climate change deniers, I think, is passive denial, where we accept the science and the numbers, yet we act every day as if they aren’t true. Our civilization faces an existential crisis and we keep ignoring it.”

I wanted to share some of the interview with you: The audio isn’t great but it’s worth watching.

Toward the end of the article, he says, “The collective action problem is where there’s no real advantage for anyone to go first, and there’s no real harm for waiting for others to go first. The paradox is if nobody goes first, everybody is harmed.”

What are you going to do today?

If you’re available on Sunday afternoon (November 16), please join me at:

A Drop to Think

Novels and Knowledge, Soup and Spoken Word

The Waterloo Green Party invites you to a fun and enlightening chance to connect or re-connect while enjoying some delicious soup, engaging entertainment and learning a few things about water security and the risks associated with fracking for natural gas.

When: Sunday, Nov 16. 2PM to 5PM

Where: Waterloo Community Arts Centre, aka The Button Factory. 25 Regina St South.

On the main floor so it’s fully accessible. Admission is free to all. Come for a full afternoon of entertainment and food or just drop in when it’s convenient. We’d love to hear from you about whether we can expect you so we can make sure we have enough space and soup. Send you RSVPs and questions to Bryan ( or Stacey ( 


Susan Fish, local author of the recently published novel, Ithaca, will be sharing her story of her travels through Central New York where she learned about the attempts to establish a fracking industry there and the battle to prevent it by many of the residents, including Daisy, the fictional heroine of her novel. We’ll also be treated to a reading or two from the novel, and an opportunity to ask questions of the author.

Kevin Sutton is a spoken word artist, page poet, actor, playwright, workshop facilitator, activist, and community organizer. His poetic performance promises to motivate us all, to not just think about our place on the planet. but to take action to preserve it.

Soup, glorious soup, has an ongoing role in the novel Ithaca, and will play an important role in our day. Young graduates of Summer Chef School will help to prepare and serve several delicious soups based on Daisy’s recipes. Of course, we couldn’t prepare any of these soups without our presently potable water supply.


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