Fracking Friday: Great Fracking Stories

So apparently fracking is the new black. Or at least, stories about fracking and movies and television shows about fracking are emerging all over the place. There are many non-fiction books, looking at the science, but I wanted to share with you today a few links to stories being told about fracking:

1. Gasland  This 2010 documentary was the first popular exploration of the risks of fracking, by a filmmaker whose family had received a $100,000 offer for the mining rights on their land. This is an entertaining and compelling documentary. Definitely worth watching.

2. Promised Land Actors Matt Damon and John Krasinski wrote the screenplay and produced this film, based on a story by Dave Eggers about two corporate salespeople who travel from town to town, trying to buy drilling rights from the local residents. While the film had mixed reviews, it’s worth watching to see the challenge faced by landowners when it comes to fracking.

3. The Fracking King This young adult novel has been called a cross between Catcher in the Rye and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. I was eager to read it but found it a confusing read. I was excited to see fracking being addressed in fiction in all its complexity.

4. Black Gold: Just this week, a television pilot was announced for a modern-day Western set in the Dakotas in a boomtown that owes its success to oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing. The show is being described as a crime drama.No word on release date.

Have I missed any fracking stories?

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