Fracking Friday: Good News

My mother called on Wednesday to suggest that my book had made a difference. “To whom?” I asked. “To the United States,” she replied. She had seen a headline on CBC that New York was going to ban fracking–and wondered if my visit to the state last weekend had been a deciding factor.

Debate and delay has gone on in New York for a number of years, but it turns out that a health report released today at a year-end cabinet meeting has allowed the state government to conclude that they will indeed ban fracking in the entire state.

Acting state health commissioner, Dr. Howard A. Zucker said the review came down to a simple question: Would he want to live in a community that allowed fracking? His answer was no. “We cannot afford to make a mistake,” Dr. Zucker said. “The potential risks are too great. In fact, they are not even fully known.”

This is exciting news. My mother thinks it is no coincidence.


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