Wednesday Nights: Daisy’s Neighbourhood

I should write neighborhood, since that is how Daisy would write it. I’ve finished posting all the soup recipes except one that I don’t want to reference publicly because it gives away a bit too much of the story. Message me privately if you want the soup recipe for chapter 9.

In mid-December, my husband and I traveled back to Ithaca, New York for me to do a book reading at a fabulous bookstore there (Buffalo Street Books). I realized I hadn’t been in Ithaca for nearly two years–although I had lived inside a fictional version of the city for much of that time. I wanted to make sure we went to the farmers’ market and that we ate well, but it was as we began driving along the length of Cayuga Lake that I suddenly had other ambitions. Chiefly, I wanted to show you in pictures and video more of this great place, to give you a look at the real version so you could compare it to the imaginary version you find in the book. And so I could too. We spent much of a happy afternoon driving around the city as amateur photographers and videographers. I’m hoping you’ll excuse the extreme and unflattering close-ups along the way.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share different photos, short videos and words about the places behind the book.

I thought I’d start in Daisy’s neighbourhood. The second time we visited Ithaca, I spent a few hours figuring out exactly where Daisy would live, down to the right house. I knew she lived within walking distance of the downtown Commons and also of the market, and that they lived near Ithaca Falls and near the base of the shale cliffs on which Cornell University was built.

So here’s Daisy’s neighbo(u)rhood




The last photo is the house I imagine to be Daisy’s. And finally, here’s the place where she decides to become an activist:

Look like anything you imagined?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Nights: Daisy’s Neighbourhood

    • Thanks, Penny. What made the house I posted into Daisy’s house was the location and the yard, more than the house. I do think it was likely a bigger house than the one I posted, and probably a brick house, but not as impressive as the one you posted. And thanks for the kind words.

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