Fracking Friday

Someone once said to me that people who are inherently conservative see that the world is at risk of losing valuable parts, while those who are inherently progressive see value in what’s possible ahead. I’ve been thinking this week about the fact that the state government of New York has actually banned fracking. I’ve been thinking about all the grassroots groups that banded together across New York State to say, “not this one!” and that it actually worked. In my book, Daisy says the problems caused by fracking were in no way inevitable, unless people simply let big business act out of a pure profit motive.

And that is not what happened. The health commissioner who made the report said that for him it came down to the fact that he would not want to live in a community where the ground had been fracked, would not want children playing there, would not want to drink that water.

One cute headline I saw suggested that other states and countries need to adopt a ‘New York State of Mind’ when it comes to fracking. Because, the less-than-cute reality is that the battle over fracking is not over. Not at all.

I’ve found two new books on fracking: I’m currently reading The End of Country by Seamus McGraw. It’s a memoir of a Pennsylvania farming family that got a knock on the door and an offer to get rich quick by selling drilling rights for fracking. It’s  a book that embraces the pluses and minuses of such a decision.

The other I have not read yet. Fractures is a novel about fracking, written by Lamar Herrin.

Finally, there’s a giveaway of a copy of Ithaca on GoodReads right now. Please enter and tell your friends. I’d also appreciate it, if you’ve read the book, if you’d post a review either on GoodReads or Amazon. Or just plain tell people about the book. Word of mouth and your recommendations are how people will find out about the book. Thank you so much!!


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