Wednesday Nights: Ithaca Falls

Last week I had the pleasure of attending three consecutive book clubs offered at Relish Cooking Studios in Waterloo. It was a pleasure listening to people engaging with my book and eating good soup. They made Daisy’s White Bean and Tarragon soup and, even three meals in a row, it was delicious. People asked great questions and had good insights into the book.

I wanted to show you the waterfall nearest Daisy’s house in Ithaca. The top of the waterfall and the cliffs around it are the level of Ithaca on which Cornell University is built. It’s one of about 19 waterfalls in the area. Ithaca’s slogan is: Ithaca is GORGES. (Say it aloud.) It truly is. The gorges-ness of the area comes from the retreat of the last ice-age, when mile-high glaciers retreated north, leaving the Finger Lakes behind. The rock, though, is older than that. What was left behind by the glaciers was once the bed of a sea that covered the region a mere half-billion years ago. Today it’s shale rock. I have a few pieces of it sitting on my desk today.


And here’s nonprofessional videographer me at the falls:

This is shale:


You can see the porous nature of the shale rock here:


Here’s the munitions factory, still standing on the top of the cliff:



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